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June 2024 - Issue #2
11 Jul 2024

June 2024 - Issue #2

Following the dissemination of the maiden edition of TfP’s e-newsletter in December 2023, we are thrilled to present the first edition of our bi-annual newsletter for 2024. You’ll learn about our key activities with our Partners, and we specially invite you to read our insightful publications and the stirring findings and recommendations they present.

The TfP Programme is the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ flagship capacity-support programme to the African Union Commission (AUC). It also acts as the implementing arm of the peace and security component of the MoU between the government of Norway and the AU.




  1. Dawit Yohannes and Meressa K Dessu. UNMISS is crucial to free and fair elections in South Sudan. Available at UNMISS is crucial to free and fair elections in South Sudan.

  2. Onuoha, F., Tchie, A., & Zabala M., (2024, May). Climate Security, natural resource conflict, and community resilience in the LCB: A Review of the Literature. Training for Peace.

  3. Dawit Yohannes, Emmaculate Asige Liaga, Meressa K Dessu, Tsion Belay and Eugene Chen. A New Approach to United Nations Peace Operations: Pathways for Demand-Driven Interventions" Available at A New Approach to United Nations Peace Operations: Pathways for Demand-DrivenInterventions"

  4. Darkwa, L., & Attuquayefio, P. (2024). Non-aligned!: An Analysis of Africa’s Stance on United Nations General Assembly Resolutions A/RES/ES-11/1 and A/RES/ES-11/6 on the Russian-Ukraine War. The African Review (published online ahead of print 2024).

  5. "The African Standby Force: The African Union's Tool for the Maintenance of Peace and Security", Contemporary Security Policy available @

  6. Emmaculate Liaga, Dawit Yohannes, Tsion Belay & Meressa K. Dessu .Adapting UN Mediation for Emerging Challenges and Security Threats. Available at Adapting UN Mediation for Emerging Challenges and Security Threats

  7. Dawit Yohannes, Emmaculate A Liaga and Tsion Belay Alene. 02 May 2024. Time is running out for Africa's input on the Summit of the Future. In ISS today available at

  8. Tchie, A., Brodtkorb, I., & Zabala M., (2024, June). Unpacking the Nexus between Stabilization and Climate, Peace and Security. Training for Peace.

  9. Dawit Yohannes, Andrew Atta-Asamoah, and Paul-Simon Handy Institute for Security Studies (ISS). A New Agenda for Peace: An opportunity for recasting the future of preventing conflicts and peace enforcement in Africa? NeTT4Peace Policy brief 1, African Perspectives on The New Agenda for Peace. Available at

  10. Dawit Yohannes, August 2023. New Agenda for Peace: a reckoning for Africa on collective security? ISS today, available at

  11. Andrews Atta-Asamoah, Christian Ani, Dawit Yohannes, Emmaculate Liaga, Meressa Kahsu and Priyal Singh. 04 July 2023. Regional conflict prevention and peacebuilding in Africa: a pathway for the New Agenda for Peace. Africa Report, available at

  12. ISS PSC Insights, February 2024. What opportunities does the New Agenda for Peace offer Africa? PSC report, available at


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