Annual Review of Peace Support Operations in Africa

The African security landscape has witnessed a gradual, if not drastic transformation over the last decade. The continent is confronted with multiple threats posed to the territorial integrity of states, civilian population and peacekeepers. This transformation has in turn shaped the nature and approach to peace support operations on the continent as the African Union […]

How will AU reforms impact on relationships with key partners?

The African Union functions in an international global governance system that includes the United Nations and regional organizations such as the European Union or the League of Arab States, but also the Regional Economic Communities. At the same time, the AU has several bilateral partnership arrangements, for example with China, Japan, the Nordic group and […]

Sustaining Peace

When António Guterres started as UN Secretary General, he emphasised that conflict prevention had to be a top priority of the United Nations. This is why the United Nations are currently working on specifying the new ‘sustaining peace’ approach, passed by concurrent resolutions of the UN General Assembly and the Security Council in 2016. What […]

The Challenge of Sustaining Peace

Cedric de Coning & Necla Tschirgi, The Challenge of Sustaining Peace, in William Durch, Joris Larik & Richard Ponzio (eds.), “Just Security in an Undergoverned World”, Oxford University Press, 2018.

Adaptive peacebuilding

In an article published in International Affairs Cedric de Coning, introduces a new approach – Adaptive Peacebuilding – that may help inform the implementation of the emerging UN concept of sustaining peace. It is an alternative to the determined-design neo-liberal approach that dominated peacebuilding over the past three decades. It represents an approach where peacebuilders, […]

‘Violent Extremism’ in the Lake Chad Basin

By providing an analysis of the historic dynamics of the Lake Chad Basin region and the common challenges that Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria face, this brief deconstructs common narratives around ‘violent extremism’ held by the policy community; it pro vides a more nuanced explanation to the drivers of the Boko Haram insurgency; and it […]

Call for Expression of Interest

The current phase of the programme ends in April 2019. The Partners have therefore decided to commission an evaluation of the 5th phase of the TfP programme. The goal is to take stock of the performance of the programme to date, and to generate recommendations for adaptations in the remaining period, as well as suggestions […]

The UN at War: Peace Operations in a New Era

In his new book The UN at War, John Karlsrud analyses the evolving politics on UN peace operations of the five veto powers of the UN Security Council, as well as major troop-contributing countries and western powers. He investigates the move towards peace enforcement and counter-terrorism, and what consequences this development may have for the UN. He also looks […]