The TfP Programme is the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ flagship capacity-support programme to the African Union Commission (AUC). It also acts as the implementing arm of the peace and security component of the MoU between the government of Norway and the AU.

The current partner institutions are the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) and Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in south africa and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI).

The TfP Programme draws on the distinct strengths of its three-tier partnership.

  • ACCORD: The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes has extensive experience in conflict resolution, mediation, civil-military coordination and the civilian dimensions of the African peace operations.

  • ISS: The Institute for Security Studies has strong competence in the area of research and policy support, including on the role of police in peacekeeping operations.

  • NUPI: The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs has research expertise across the peace, security and development nexus, and a track record of supporting the African Union, European Union and United Nations.

Drawing on its 25 year history of supporting the African Union, and building on its extensive expert network, TfP has developed considerable experience as a catalyst, convenor and enabler:

  • As a catalyst, TfP helps the AUC to generate evidence-based research and analysis drawing on African experience and expertise that encourages innovative solutions and helps shape decision-making.

  • As a convenor, TfP leverages AUC and African networks and experiences to provide platforms where policymakers, researchers, academia and the community of practice can reflect, interact and provide input on the development of new policies, doctrine and guidelines.

  • As an enabler, TfP contributes its expertise and resources to enhance the AUC’s capacity to generate policy, build capacity and deploy, evaluate and adapt its mediation, observer and peace missions.