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Policy Brief
Lake Chad Basin: Youth-led stabilisation amid a pandemic
Youth-led peacebuilding initiatives play an increasingly important role in stabilising Boko Haram-affected communities in the Lake Chad Basin.
Research Report
Assessing the Effectiveness of the United Nations-African Union Hybrid Operation in Darfur
The impact of climate change on Africa’s peace and security
The impact of climate change on Africa’s peace and security
The gradual increase in global temperatures, erratic rainfall and flooding have indirect, complex and interlinked implications for peace and security.

The Training for Peace  Programme is an international capacity-building programme

Established in 1995, TfP is funded by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The TfP is based on a unique North-South-South cooperation where activities are carried out mainly by African partner institution

TfP has worked, through civil society institutions, to strengthen African civilian and police capacity for peace operations

Training for Peace 25years
Celebrating 25 years of the Training for Peace programme, an international programme that contributes towards capacity building within the broader ambit of peace operations in Africa.


The programme is based on a unique north-south-south cooperation. The current partner institutions are the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes and Institute for Security Studies in South Africa and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs.


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The establishment of the African Standby Force and its Rapid Deployment Capability under the framework of the African Peace and Security Architecture has been instrumental to the development of practices and capacities of african-led peace operations.


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