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TfP Newsletter – April 2016
3 Apr 2016

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The AMANI II After Action Report and African Standby Force Work Plan workshop had two objectives, namely, to finalise the AMANI Africa II Field Training Exercise (FTX) After Action Report (AAR), and to ensure that the AMANI II FTX AAR recommendations are embedded in the Maputo Work Plan of the ASF 2016–2020 Work Plan. The AMANI II FTX Evaluation team monitored the development of AMANI II throughout the complete process: from the planning cycle to the evaluation of the FTX. The Maputo workshop brought together all the FTX key appointees as well as the regional Planning Elements (PLANELMs). Approximately 130 individuals participated in the workshop. It further created a platform for in-depth discussion based on observations, challenges and recommendations that were then included in the Maputo work plan on the ASF 2016–2020.

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