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Verification, Confirmation and Validation of African Standby Force Pledged Capabilities
25 Sep 2017

ACCORD and ISS were invited by the AU PSOD to join the SADC Verification and present to PSOD its opinions on how the exercise was progressing. The PSOD team, headed by Professor Gambari, has already visited ECCAS, SADC and EASF and still have to visit ECOWAS and NARC, where after the team’s report will be submitted to the AU Chairperson. At the meeting with the SADC Standby Force Planning Element (SSF PLANELM), the team received a detailed status of the pledged capabilities that the PLANELM had established following visits to each of the Member States. The SSF outlined their deficiencies and how they, in the interim, would manage should a deployment be ordered by the region. The recent SADC visit clearly and satisfactorily confirmed the region’s SSF’s FOC status.


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