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Training for Peace Meetings
23 Oct 2016

ISS/TfP together with other TfP partners met in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as part of the annual planning for the Training for Peace Programme in 2017. The meeting on October 23, held with the other TfP partners (ACCORD and NUPI) as well as the TfP Secretariat, was an opportunity to refine the work plan for 2017, to discuss issues around communication and to strengthen the role of the TfP Secretariat. Partners were all in agreement that the appointment of Dr. Linda Darkwa as the TfP Secretariat, was the best decision made to enhance collaboration with the AUC and amongst partners. On the 24 October, TfP partners met with the Norwegian Embassy and AUC, as part of the bi-annual strategic discussions for approving the work plan and budget for 2017.


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