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TfP/ACCORD participates in TfP field research on policing in peace operations in Africa, focussing on UNAMID
20 Feb 2015

ACCORD's Training for Peace (TfP) Programme has since 1995 contributed to the building of sustainable African civilian and police capacities for peace operations in Africa, encompassing a focus on training, rostering, policy support and applied research. In March 2013, a TfP Research Network was created to promote greater cooperation and collaboration in research on issues of common interest amongst TfP Partners. As part of the TfP Research Network, TfP/ACCORD participated in a field study on "Policing in Peace Operations in Africa: the case of UNAMID".

The research aims to improve policies and capacity building for the police component of peace operations in Africa by providing recommendations to support these processes. The research assessed how the police work and interact operationally with the military and civilians in the context of Protection of Civilians (PoC) and Civil Military Coordination (CIMIC). The research follows on from TfP/ACCORD's initial contribution in 2013 of a draft paper on Formed Police Units (FPUs) in African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). The police dimension of peace support operations was chosen as a topic for this research, in response to the recently published Review of the Training for Peace in Africa Programme Police Dimension from 1995-2012, which pointed out that there was a great need for more research into this area. Additionally, the scope of the TfP police dimension in research is underdeveloped, although there are very recent indications that more studies relevant to the police role in PSOs are underway by TfP partners.

The team of TfP Partners interviewed the police component of UNAMID, which comprises of both Individual Police Officers (IPOs) and Formed Police Units (FPUs); Rule of Law; Training and Curriculum Development Unit; Joint Operations Center; the Police Gender Cell and UNAMID Sector Commanders. The team also interview the Police Officers from the Government of Sudan (GoS) from Khartoum: these include the Head of Training; the Directorate of International Affairs; and a cross section of the GoS Police. The research team consisted of Dr. Marina Caparini (ISS), Mr. Festus Aubyn (KAIPTC), Ms. Olivia Victoria Davies (ACCORD), Dr. Mateja Peter (NUPI), and Mr. Meressa Kahsu (ISS).

The research covered themes related to situational, functional and training gaps linked to capacity building, gender mainstreaming and the general operations of the UNAMID Police Component. The recommendations from the research will be tailored around these themes which will contribute to the broader objective of improving policing in peace operations in Africa.

The field research presented an opportunity for TfP/ACCORD to engage with the UNAMID Civilian Component. This initiative was in line with the TfP/ACCORD's objectives of contributing towards the development of a multi-dimensional and integrated approach to African peace operations through training, applied research and policy development.

The Training for Peace Programme at ACCORD is an initiative funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For more information, please contact Ms Irene Limo, Senior Programme Officer, Peacekeeping Unit on and Ms. Olivia Victoria Davies, Peacekeeping Unit Programme Officer on


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