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6 May 2024


 TfP supports AU Interdepartmental Retreat on Climate Change, Peace, and Security Nexus

The Training for Peace (TfP) Programme is supporting the AU Interdepartmental Retreat focused on Climate Change, Peace and Security Nexus, scheduled to take place from 9th to 11th May, 2024 in Addis Ababa. This support is in line with the Programme’s efforts at contributing to enhance the capacity of the AUC and its collaborative partners to address peace and security challenges and promote stability in Africa. The three-day interdepartmental retreat which brings together the Departments of Political Affairs, Peace and Security (PAPS) and Agriculture, Rural Development, Blue Economy and Sustainable Environment (ARBE) will discuss the relationship between Climate Change, Peace and Security. This is part of the AU’s plan to tackle security risks linked to climate change and its impacts on peace and security in Africa. At the retreat, both departments will jointly create a strategy that identifies opportunities for cooperation while developing tailored responses to address climate related security risks on the continent. This joint initiative acknowledges the significant impact climate change has on all aspects of life in Africa, particularly its impact on lives, livelihoods and its contribution to worsening conflict situations on the continent. Acknowledging this urgency, the AU Peace and Security Council (AU PSC) has urged for efforts to address security risks related to climate change. This collaboration involves initiatives between PAPS and ARBE to conduct the Africa Climate Security Risk Assessment (ACRA) with the aim of establishing a stance on climate, peace and security known as the Common Africa Position (CAP).

Taking into account AU frameworks such as Agenda 2063 and the AU Climate Change and Resilient Development Strategy, the objective of the interdepartmental gathering is to promote cooperation and formulate a cohesive approach towards addressing the interconnected issues of climate change, peace and security. It seeks to also map out a plan for CAP that integrates conflict and climate considerations, addresses policy gaps, funding issues and decision-making processes. It will also focus on outlining CAP methodologies and strategies, develop a shared plan of action, and the formation of a joint technical group, among others.

Through promoting teamwork and strategic coordination, the joint retreat showcases the AU’s dedication to facilitate coordinated actions to tackle climate change, peace and security challenges in Africa, in line with its vision and commitment to build a resilient and secure Africa.





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