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TfP Programme Partners Attend AU-PSOD Workshop on the Validation of the ASF Maputo Strategic Work Plan 2016-2020
20 Oct 2016
Continuing from the work that was achieved this year April in Maputo, Mozambique with AMANI II After Action Report and African Standby Force Work Plan 2016-2020 workshop, which led to a report being produced on the achievements, challenges and recommendations on the enhancement of the ASF, based on the conduct of the AA-II Field Training Exercise (FTX). The African Union’s-Peace Support Operations Division (AU PSOD) held a consecutive workshop on the Validation of the Draft Maputo Strategic Five-Year Work Plan (2016-2020) and The Launch of the Civilian Strategic Support Group (CSSG). This workshop was set on achieving the following objectives:
  • Reviewing the draft Maputo Strategic Five-Year Work plan on the ASF, taking into consideration the recommendations made during the 9th STCDSS Meeting and other relevant decisions.
  • Generating inputs from the RECs/RMs and harmonize their respective work-plans in order to develop a comprehensive plan.
  • Agreeing of the time-lines for the approval, implementation modalities and periodic review of the draft work plan.
  • Reviewing progress made and launch the CSSG, which was officially authorised through the 8th Meeting of the STCDSS.
The draft work-plan was shared with the Regional Economic Communities and Regional Mechanisms (RECs/RMs) and other partners involved. This version was considered during the 9th Specialised Technical Committee on Defence, Safety and Security (STCDSS) on 4 June 2016, in Addis Ababa, after which it instructed the AU Commission and the RECs/RMs to do a final review for the STDCSS’ consideration. The 5th version of the draft strategic work plan was discussed for finalization at this validation workshop. Accordingly, the workshop brought together representatives of AU Member States, RECs/RMs, United Nations (UN), some partners and staff from the AU Commission. AU PSOD has made huge strides since the Maputo meeting to ensure that the Strategic Plan (Version 5) that was presented included all the earlier inputs from the RECs. Presentations were also made on the Term of Reference for the CSSG, and each regional and continental Planning Elements (PLANELMs) provided a report on the Progress of their Respective Civilian Dimensions. Before closing, a discussion was held between AU-PSOD and PLANEMs on the various areas where these will collaborative on programming. Lastly, the Head of AU-PSOD delivered an address on the way forward and provided closing remarks.

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