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TfP/ACCORD represented at the Joint AU/EU experts meeting on EU support programme to African Training Centres
1 Aug 2011

Mr Zinurine Alghali, Peacekeeping Unit Senior Programme Officer, represented TfP/ACCORD at the Joint African Union (AU) /European Union (EU) Experts Workshop and contributed to the review of activities undertaken so far with regards to the implementation of the EU support programme to African Training Centres; for the African Standby Force (ASF).

The Workshop was conducted from 26-28 July 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya and included representatives from the EU and AU, Regional Economic Communities (RECs)/ Regional Mechanisms (RMs) and Regional Training Centres of Excellence that are beneficiaries of the EU Support Programme. The Workshop was part of the conception and implementation of the EU Support Programme and facilitated the drafting of an action plan for the timely delivery of immediate and long term support measures within a realistic timeframe.

The Workshop provided an opportunity for the AU, RECs/RMs and Training Institutions to confirm the current status of the Programme, clarify the process through which Training Institutions will contribute to the process and agree on a way forward for the implementation thereof. The Workshop group agreed that Training Institutions must have a working relationship with the REC/RM where they are located to ensure their training services are directly linked to the needs and requirements of the REC/RM for the ASF.

RECs/RMs were urged to sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) or Letter of Agreement with Training Institutions and Service providers in their regions on the specific courses they can conduct under the EU Support Programme package. This is intended to facilitate the implementation of this Programme and contribute towards addressing the training needs of the REC/RM to train personnel that will be placed on standby for deployment into ASF (or REC/RM) operations.

TfP/ACCORD will continue tracking the process to ensure the Programme and outcomes are in line with the realities and needs of the ASF; particularly as it relates to the civilian component and aspects of multidimensional and integrated approaches to peace operations.

For more information please contact Mr Zinurine Alghali, Senior Programme Officer of ACCORD's Peacekeeping Unit via



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