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ISS/TfP co-host the Strategic Guidance Framework (SGF) meeting on Police Command
16 Dec 2014
Meeting in Pretoria, South Africa from 21 – 23 October 2014, the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (UN DPKO), the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and the Swedish Police hosted senior police leaders from 60 countries to discuss how to improve police command in peacekeeping operations.  
SGF delegates at the Sheraton Hotel Pretoria, South Africa
SGF delegates at the Sheraton Hotel Pretoria, South Africa
The Strategic Guidance Framework (SGF) thematic meeting on Police Command was part of the UN’s ongoing policy process to enhance the principles and practices of international police peacekeeping. This meeting was the third thematic SGF meeting for 2014 since the promulgation of the main SGF policy on 1 February 2014. The previous two thematic meetings took place in Oslo (19 – 21 March 2014) and Beijing (29 June 1 July 2014). This was the only thematic meeting of the UN’s ‘Strategic Guidance Framework’ process that has been held in Africa. With police leaders from 24 African countries in attendance, this was an important opportunity for African voices to be heard on the question of how to enhance the UN’s capacity to deal with conflict. “We need to ensure that police leaders recognise the practical command challenges they face at the strategic, operational and tactical levels during peacekeeping operations” – Ms. Annette Leijenaar, head of the ISS Conflict Management and Peacebuilding division The SGF Police Command meeting provided detailed discussions from former and serving Police Commissioners, senior police experts with peace support operation experience and from research and academic experts on the topic. ISS is confident that the meeting on Police Command made a substantive contribution to UNDPKO’s development of the SGF initiave. Participant feedback based on the evaluation form recored that, overall, participants rated the SGF Thematic Meeting on Police Command a success, with “Excellent” and “Good” responses comprising 83% of participant ratings respectively. The ISS will prepare a Outcomes Report for the meeting on Police Command which will contribute to the guidelines and training standards on Police Command that will be used globally for all UN peace missions.   Read more: SGF AGENDA SGF Participant List SGF Principles of International Police Command SGF Survey on Police Command analysis of survey results GA Peacekeeping operations_66_English GA_Peacekeeping operations_66_French African Perspectives on Command_pre press release final draft_201014 UNPOL Policy 2014.01_English UNPOL Policy 2014.01_French

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