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Raising awareness on global and African responses to peace operations and peacebuilding
10 Jun 2016

Based on the importance of the African Union in global reviews of peace and security responses, ISS/TfP has engaged in supporting processes related to the reviews of peace operations, peacebuilding, and UNSCR 1325. During the meetings called by the UN General Assembly President, which aimed at taking stock on the role of member states in responding to the 3 different reviews, ISS/TfP played an active role in raising awareness and influencing member states. ISS/TfP attended these meetings, but also conducted an online seminar, published articles and held briefings on the matter. In particular, ISS/TfP focused on the opportunities for the African Union and its member states. Articles were widely republished by relevant media and policy outlets, including Global Peace Operations Review (from Center of International cooperation, New York), Woodrow Wilson Centre Africa Program, and the Daily Maverick.

ISS/TfP also participated as a panel member in one of the panel discussion and also participated in the Challenges Forum Discussions on “United Nations Peace Operations 2020: The United Nations Reviews and Their Implications for Tomorrow’s Missions” in New York, USA from 08-09 May. As a member of the Challenges Forum since its inception, ISS/TfP engaged in the discussions that aimed at taking stock of the findings of the 2015 reviews on peacebuilding, peace operations and women, peace and security. In line with an increased support to dealing with gender issues in relation to peace operations, ISS/TfP played a particular role in the panel session on empowering women in the field, where was able to address challenges around the disparate effects that still exist, even after the removal of discriminatory practices.


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