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The Norwegian National Police Directorate (POD) conducted a pre-deployment course (UNPOC)
16 Sep 2014
Catherine Tesiima coachingThe TfP Programme contributes to building capacity in Africa for peace and security. As a result, the Norwegian Police (POD), together with other partners to the TfP Programme supports driving courses for female police officers and pre-deployment courses (UNPOC) in various countries in Africa. This includes establishing a team of trainers for building capacity. The Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) has over the years had their own team of trainers which has been supported by the Norwegian Police while conducting different courses in East-Africa. Catherine Tesiima teaching The training was conducted from 8-19 September2014 at the Police University College.  The POD/TfP invited the EASF team of trainers to Norway to train the Norwegian Police before being deployed to peacekeeping missions in Africa or elsewhere. It is of great assistance to the Norwegian Police to be supported by African trainers. For many years POD has requested this support to produce knowledge and awareness that cannot be found on other document. The training was conducted by one trainee from Kenya and two trainees from Malawi.  The training also aimed to provide better understanding of cultural awareness.  Furthermore, the Uganda's Ass Superintendent, Catherine Tesiima, from EASF team of trainers teaches and coaches the Norwegian Police.    

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