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ISS/TfP Senior Researcher Appointed as new Police Chair of International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres
30 Sep 2016

The host of the 22nd International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres (IAPTC) Bosnia and Herzegovina demonstrated that a country can go from a security consumer to security provider. ISS/TFP attended and participated at the IAPTC, and was represented by Senior Researcher Riana Paneras whom presented on Leadership in Peace Operations and New Approaches to Pre-deployment Training. Riana was also selected as a member of the Executive Committee for IAPTC as the Chairperson for the Police Committee and a member of the Pedagogic Committee.

This builds up from her representation of the ISS/TfP at the African Peace Support Training Centre Association (APSTA) Conference and AGM where the ISS was selected as a Board member of APSTA.  These appointments are important to enhance African and global peacekeeping training efforts. The ISS’ in-depth knowledge on roles and responsibilities of Police in peace operations is well known in Africa and will now be able to influence the global efforts in ensuring that Police are timely and well prepared to execute their mandated functions. This will further enable the ISS/TfP efforts to influence approaches to training and policy making in the peace support environment. It also provides an opportunity for wider networking and increased collaboration with other international organisations, and will allow ISS/TfP to contribute in enabling APSTA and the IAPTC to enhance its services to its stakeholders.


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