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ISS/TfP presents at the United Nations (UN) Challenge Forum
24 Mar 2015
Division Head of Conflict Management and Peacebuilding, Annette Leijenaar, participated in the Challenges Forum’s handing over of the publication on “The Designing Mandate and Capabilities for Future Peace Operations”.  The Forum was held at the United Nations Head Quarters in New York from 26-28 January 2015. It focused on the findings of the publication that was handed over by the Challenges Forum Partnership to the Deputy Secretary General (DSG), Mr. Jan Elliason, who represented the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The Forum focused on four thematic areas that were identified by DPKO, which are: o   Peace Operations under new conditions o   Policies, Principles and Guidelines o   Authority, Command and Control o   Impact Assessment and Evaluations in Peace Operations 07_Challenges Forum, UN New York Annette Leijenaar, who co-chaired the theme on Impact Assessment and Evaluation in Peace Operations, presented the main findings and recommendations of the research on behalf of the former Pearson Centre and ISS/TfP. Following her presentation were closing remarks by Mr. Jean-Marie Guéhenno, President, International Crisis Group, and Patron, Challenges Forum during which he stated that the report is timely and will add specific value to the current UN Peacekeeping Review deliberations. Under Secretary General for Department of Peacekeeping Operations (SG-DPKO), Mr. Harve Ladsous, identified the publication by the Challenges Forum Partnership as one that “seeks to examine and provide recommendations to address some of the most critical challenges related to modern peacekeeping. Its contents and recommendations are timely, and the report will no doubt be of great interest to all concerned with the role, relevance and results if UN Peacekeeping”.   Read more:Impact Assessment and Evaluation of Future Peace Operations  

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