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ISS/TfP and POD conduct a UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) United Nations Police (UNPOL) Best Practices Project
16 Sep 2014
A team from ISS/TfP supported by the Norwegian National Police Directorate (POD) officers engaged the United Nations Police (UNPOL) component in the UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), through the Best Practices Project. The project entails a process of co-development with UNMISS UNPOL on identifying, capturing, learning from, and utilising best practices information, which ultimately aims to improve mission effectiveness. The ISS/TfP team visited Mission Headquarters (MHQ), four state headqurters and five County Support Bases (CSBs). The team also visited five of the seven Protection of Civilian (PoC) Sites in the mission at UN House Tomping, Malakal, Bor, and Wau The team focused on interviewing and analysing feedback from Individual Police Officers (IPOs), Formed Police Units (FPUs), international mission partners, senior mission leadership as well as local people and community leaders in PoC sites as well as UNPOLs stationed there.  
ISS/TfP Team Outside UNMISS – Tomping, Juba, South Sudan
ISS/TfP team Meressa Dessu, Louis Dafel, Fredrik Thompson, Bjarne Askholm and Onnie Kok at UN Base Tomping, Juba, South Sudan.
The research trip commenced from 18 – 29 August 2014 in Juba, South Sudan.  It was framed in the context of the new mandate, adopted after March 2014 through UN Security Council Resolution 2155, focusing on PoC, monitoring and reporting of abuses and violations human rights, and supporting conditions for humanitarian aid.  It aimed to enhance the operational effectiveness of UNMISS UNPOL advisors in implemeting the 2155 mandate through creating best practice sharing and utilisation mechanisms; to understand the current activities, roles and responsibilities of UNPOL advisors; to enhance awareness of current challenges, problems and gaps of UNPOL advisors to the mission leadership; to brief mission leadership on how opportunties and best practices can be shared within UNMISS; to identify contributions of UNPOL advisors in executing the mandate and to support the community; and to identify and develop a formal best practice sharing and utlilisation mechanism.

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