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ISS/TfP participation and contribution towards the Strategic Guidance Framework (SGF) for International Police Peacekeeping 2014 activities
4 Jun 2014

Annette Leijenaar

ISS’ Conflict Management and Peacebuilding (CMPB) Division Head, Annette Leijenaar, attended the Challenges Forum research seminar: Framing the Framework followed by the NUPI-led SGF Thematic meeting on Police capacity building and development, during March in Oslo. During this visit to Oslo, ISS/TfP met with the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (UNDPKO) and the Swedish Police who will co-host together with ISS, the SGF Thematic meeting that will be conducted in Pretoria, South Africa from 21 – 23 October 2014. Further involvement and activities include the SGF meeting on Training will take place in Jakarta as well as the SGF meeting in Beijing during June/July. Through its participation in these meetings, ISS/TfP actively contribute to the overall objective to develop guidelines, standards, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as well as training material to ensure that Police who participate in UN and Regional Police participation in Peace Operations will be equipped and prepared to execute their mandated tasks in the most professional manner.


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