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ISS/TfP participates in the Validation of the ASF Maputo Strategic Work Plan 2016-2020 Workshop
19 Oct 2016

After the Maputo workshop in April this year, the AU PSOD refined the draft strategic work plan for the ASF 2016-2020. The draft plan was shared with the RECs/RMs and other partners involved. This version was considered during the 9th Specialised Technical Committee on Defence, Safety and Security (STCDSS) on 4 June 2016, in Addis Ababa, after which it instructed the AU Commission and the RECs/RMs to do a final review for the STDCSS’ consideration. The 5th version of the draft strategic work plan was discussed for finalization at this validation workshop. The workshop brought together representatives of AU Member States, RECs/RMs, United Nations (UN), some partners and staff from the AU Commission. After the two-day workshop, a number of issues between the RECs and the AU PSOD were clarified to everybody’s satisfaction. TfP will closely be involved with the implementation of the Plan.


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