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ISS/TfP increases its engagements on peacebuilding processes
16 Sep 2014
UNAMID   With the aim of increasing the relevance of its responses to conflicts in Africa, and acknowledging an ever-changing environment, ISS/TfP is currently working on the development of strategies that support the development of more efficient peacebuilding responses in post-conflict environments in Africa, particularly through national and regional processes. Gustavo de Carvalho, Senior Researcher at ISS/TfP, has engaged in a series of consultations with peacebuilding stakeholders and is currently finalising the arrangements for a roundtable on peacebuilding perspectives that will be organised in September 2014. The roundtable will be held from 29 September to 01 October 2014 in Pretoria, South Africa.  It will assist ISS in the development of processes can better identify conditions that contribute towards successful peacebuilding in Africa.  

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