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ISS/TfP in final stages of implementation of innovative peacebuilding curriculum
15 Jun 2016
From 13-15 June 2016, in Harare, Zimbabwe, ISS/TfP engaged on the last preparatory meeting for its pilot program on peacebuilding planning, the “African Peacebuilding Innovations Process for Change (APIC)”. ISS/TFP has been developing a curriculum and pilot process that aims at ensuring that future participants and institutions have the foundational knowledge, and skills to more effectively respond to very complex peacebuilding environments. The process is based on the idea of supporting institutions in developing innovative and effective responses to peacebuilding challenges, which will be based on continuous engagement. The first pilot will be initiated in September 2016, with participants from Civil Society and International Organisations in Zimbabwe. Ultimately, it is expected that the curriculum will contribute to ISS/TfP’s engagements on AU’s post-conflict reconstruction and development, filling a particular existing gap on peacebuilding planning capacity at the AU and beyond.

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