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ISS/TfP held a Multiple Development Workshop
24 Mar 2015
The ISS /TfP program held a three development workshops in Pretoria, South Africa from 23-27 February 2015. The workshop was supported by the Norwegian National Police Directorate, Police Officers from Denmark, and East Africa Standby Force (EASF). Part of the course included the following:  
  • The development of a generic Police Mid-Level Management course curriculum for implementation in the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO) region for the EASF. This led to the finalisation of a best practice curriculum outline to be used as the basis for developing the EASF Police generic Mid-Level Management (MLM) course to capacitate selected senior police officers earmarked for mission deployment under the United Nations/African Union (UN/AU) with the experience, rank and profile that will make them suitable for mission management positions.
  • Evaluate and further develop training material and tailor the training exercises for the UN Police Officer course (UNPOC) for the East Africa region. This was in preparation for the presentation of two courses at the IPSTC in Nairobi for the East Africa Standby Force.
  • Final development and preparation process in support of finalising the Gender, Child and Vulnerable Persons protection (GCVPP) course and related training of trainers course for the Police component of the UN mission in South Sudan.

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