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ISS/TfP engages in identifying priorities and needs in Guinea Bissau
23 Nov 2016

As part of its broad support to the African Union Commission’s (AUC) post conflict reconstruction and development (PCRD), ISS/TfP is engaging on developing research products that can assist broader AU’s analysis of Guinea Bissau’s current PCRD priorities, opportunities and needs. As a result, field research was conducted in Bissau, from 23-30 November 2016, where ISS/TfP identified how the current conflict dynamics and causes link to the development of peacebuilding and PCRD responses and plans in the country. The work also links directly to ISS’ broader engagements and analysis in Guinea Bissau, which seeks to provide state-of-the art understanding and policy support to political developments in the country. A policy brief will follow in early 2017 providing insights on the current status and dynamics of Bissau Guinean peacebuilding plans and priorities.


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