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ISS/TfP continues supporting African Union Post Conflict Reconstruction and Development responses
11 Dec 2015
In 2015, ISS/TfP increased its support to AU’s Post Conflict Reconstruction and Development (PCRD) framework, in line with the implementation ISS’ landmark agreement between ISS and AU Commission. Throughout the year, ISS/TfP responded to needs and demands identified by AU PCRD, through developing analysis and support on effective peacebuilding planning processes, with specific work and attention to peacebuilding planning processes in Mozambique and Central African Republic (CAR). On 9 December 2015, ISS/TfP held a meeting with the Acting Head of AU PCRD, where discussions were held in assessing progress throughout the year, and identifying future areas of engagement. In such a meeting, both ISS/TfP and AU identified how collaboratively both institutions can work towards consolidating what has been achieved so far, especially in integrating peacebuilding responses to other peace and security mechanisms and further attention to gender mainstreaming. AU confirmed the importance of the CAR and Mozambique work, and stressed the need for further action to be conducted in 2016. In line with the different AU PCRD focus countries, ISS/TfP and AU are expecting to further the comparison of lessons on their individual peacebuilding planning processes, and how to link AU’s responses to other existing regional and global frameworks. This expects to support ISS/TfP and AU PCRD engagement in better measuring effectiveness of peacebuilding. ISS/TfP and AU PCRD will continue its engagements in the new phase of TfP, based on and planning sessions are scheduled for the beginning of 2016. This type of engagement confirms the importance of supporting the strengthening of critical AU frameworks to support countries emerging from conflicts.

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