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ISS/TfP continued delivering results with the AU Police Policy in Support of AU PSOs
4 Jun 2016
ISS/TfP reached the next step in promulgating the first ever AU Police Policy in support of AU PSOs. After the endorsement of the draft policy by the African Chiefs of Police (ACOP) on 14 December 2015, ISS/TfP refined the final draft policy; translated it into the AU Official languages; and submitted it for consideration by the Special Technical Committee on Defence Safety and Security (STCDSS) of the AU during their June 2016 meeting. The STCDSS unanimously endorsed the policy. This outcome was further supported by the further development of guidelines and standards in support of the policy. It is foreseen that when the policy is promulgated, all supporting guidelines and standards will be ready for immediate implementation. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Crowd Chirenje, AU PSOD Police Coordinator expressed his appreciation towards the important work done by the Police Strategic Support Group (PSSG) in this regard, “The meeting of Ministers of the STCDSS adopted a declaration which endorses the draft Policy and the next destination is the Summit in Kigali next month. This is our collective success as PSSG members and please accept my deepest and heartfelt appreciation for your consistent support.”

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