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ISS/TfP conducts AMISOM Gender and SGBV Course
29 Sep 2015
On 29-31 July 2015, the ISS/TfP conducted a preparation workshop with the facilitation team for the 10 day AMISOM Gender and Sexual and Gender-Base Violence (SGBV). Facilitators included, Kristine St-Pierre (ISS), Meressa Kashu (ISS), Liezelle Kumalo (ISS), Jan Schmidt (Danish Police), Arne Woythal (Danish Police), Tone Barland (Norwegian Police) and Anne Louise Oxseth (Norweigian Police). On 3-14 August 2015 the ISS/TfP conducted a ten-day training in support of African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) personnel on gender equality and on the prevention and response to SGBV. The objective of this course was to enhance AMISOM personnel’s knowledge on gender equality and strengthen their skills in preventing and responding to SGBV in the mission. The course had participants from AMISOM peacekeepers as well as the Somalia Police Force. Facilitators (01) (1) More specifically, at the end of this course, . The course was divided into seventeen modules over ten days. The first week was dedicated to understanding gender equality, women, peace and security framework, applying a gender analysis and gender mainstreaming as part of the daily of work and responsibilities of police officers in a peacekeeping mission. This course focused specifically on the work of police officers in AMISOM.   During this course, participants utilised their newly acquired understanding and knowledge to critically analyse a United Nations (UN) Security Council resolution and also conduct a gender analysis. In addition, participants gained the knowledge to integrate a gender perspective as part of their daily work in AMISOM and elaborating a gender mainstreaming action plan. The second week focused on the prevention and response to SGBV – one of the key responsibilities of police officers in African Union (AU) and UN peacekeeping missions. Participants acquired key understanding and knowledge on SGBV as well as important policing skills with regards to understanding the local community and partners, compiling a SGBV prevention and response plan and using training and mentoring to support local police capacity building to support gender inequality and address SGBV.

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