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ISS/TfP conducts a Gender, Children Vulnerable Persons Protection (GCVPP) course for UNMISS UNPOL
24 Mar 2015
As part of the ISS/TfP ongoing engagement in assisting the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) to develop institutional capacity within the UN Police (UNPOL) component of the mission, a 5-day course  was conducted on Gender, Child and Vulnerable Persons Protection (GCVPP) which took place from 9-13 March 2015.  The course addressed topics such as understanding gender mainstreaming, children in conflict, sexual and gender based violence and with displaced persons. The course was developed following a consultation and joint development process with protection actors from the UNMISS members, including an in-mission validation process and pilot course presentation in Juba, South Sudan. The course was designed to support the UNMISS protection mandate and specifically in dealing with the 112 000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in UNMISS protection sites and within the 'Protection of Civilians' (POC) mandate.  This training was supported by Norwegian and Danish police trainers and funding by the Norwegian National Police Directorate (POD). The outcomes of the course included the development of foundational knowledge, skills and personal qualities to  effectively support the UNMISS mandate in PoC. This included specific attention to gender, Sexual, Gender Based Violence (SGBV) and child protection and the rule of law.  Furthermore, it included the UN and international standards and best practices regarding gender equality, human rights and SGBV prevention and response.  The training will also be used as part of the induction training for all new UNPOL advisors to the mission. 05_5 DAY GCVPP Course for UNPOL UNMISS This course generated positive reflections from the group of UNMISS UNPOL advisors dealing with gender and protection issues. Andrina Mkokora, one of the police advisors mentioned that “before the course I had fair knowledge but after the course I have gained excellent knowledge and skills from the facilitators and my fellow participants.” Read more: GCVPP Course Overview for UNPOL UNMISS  

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