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ISS/TfP conducted training need assessment in Mogadishu for AMISOM police
11 Dec 2015
AMISOM 6 ISS/TfP identified operational and functional gaps of AMISOM police through conducting a training needs assessment (TNA) in Mogadishu, Somalia from 26-28 October 2015. The TNA was conducted in response to the request for training support from Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Crowd Chirenje (Head AU Police Component) and Anand Pillay, AMISOM Police Commissioner. The request was centred on the need for in-mission training of Individual Police Officers (IPOs) as well as pre-deployment training for AMISOM Police officers. The request also included training of the Somali Police Force (SPF) together with AU Police officers. AMISOM 10 The TNA team was composed of three experts, namely Meressa Kahsu (team leader) from ISS/TfP, Assistant Police Commissioner Finn-Tore Pettersen, Senior Police Advisor to the East African Standby Force (EASF), and Andre Grobbelaar, Police Advisor, from the British Peace Support Team (BPST) in Eastern Africa. The focus of the TNA for the AMISOM Police component was to help identify the operational and functional gaps on the ground. ISS/TfP together with its partners will design, develop and deliver trainings to AMISOM police officers based on the real needs that came out from the TNA. The outcome of the training interventions will assist in solving the capacity gaps of implementing the AMISOM police mandated functions/tasks.

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