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ISS/TfP co-hosts Authors meeting for Comprehensive Review of African Conflicts and Regional Interventions
29 Jun 2015
As part of the project timelines and the African Peace Support Training Association (APSTA) Secretariat’s work plan 2013-2016, ISS and the Secretariat co-hosted a meeting of the Authors of the chapter papers for the Comprehensive Review of African Conflicts and Regional Interventions (CRACRI). The meeting took place in Pretoria, South Africa, from 10-11 June 2015. The CRACRI  sought to contribute to the achievement of the Association's objective of harmonising and standardising Peace Support Operations (PSO) education and learning within the continent. Given that APSTA member institutions undertake substantive field research, the CRACRI research is using qualitative research methods to undertake critical studies and analyses of African conflicts, coupled with the African Union (AU) and other African-led PSOs.  The main purpose of the CRACRI was to deepen the effectiveness and impact of African regional interventions, through the creation and dissemination of knowledge about efforts deployed by regional actors in consolidating peace and security within the continent. 02 CRACRI-APSTA Meeting  (E-NEWSLETTER) The Authors meeting formed part of the methodologies for the implementation of the CRACRI project, by bringing the respective Authors together to peer-review each other’s chapter contribution, besides a separate review and assessment of the papers by an independent reviewer, to ensure a quality publication.  The peer review also helped to identify gaps, linkages and synergies in the content of the papers, in order to achieve coherence in the final CRACRI publication. The meeting was attended by a total of 13 participants, including 10 Authors, the Head of the Conflict Management and Peacebuilding (CMPB) Division at the ISS and Dr. Ann Livingston, as well as the APSTA executive director and one support staff from the Secretariat.   Read  more: CRACRI Authors Meeting  

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