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ISS/TfP Supports AU Conflict Prevention and Early Warning Division Internal Review
20 Apr 2018

On 19-20 April 2017, the African Union Conflict Prevention and Early Warning Division (AU CPEWD) organised its 2018 internal review meeting, supported by the Institute for Securities Studies/Training for Peace (ISS/TfP). The event was organised based on the needs identified by the Division to reflect on its roles, as well as to harmonise its workplan towards more effective implementation of divisional approaches. The meeting comprised of 28 participants from the different programmes within the division, namely the Continental Early Warning System, the Panel of the Wise and the Borders Programme. The meeting had the aim of revisiting, rethinking and re-evaluating its strategic focus while fostering coordination and communication among its units. In particular, the meeting was able to review aspects of the division workplan, identifying how to further adhere to the 2016-2020 APSA Roadmap. It also provided the opportunity to discuss divisional administrative and governance challenges and opportunities, and proposing strategies to addressing and strengthening them.


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