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ISS/TfP holds internal meetings with AU partners
16 Feb 2018

Annette Leijenaar visited a number of AU counterparts from 12-16 February for internal meetings on a number of planned ISS/TfP activities to be undertaken in collaboration with PSD. During the said week CMPCRD ‘s Five-year work plan was approved by the Commissioner for P&S. The work plan has already been sent for printing.

Dr. Bah and his team are pleased with the progress. Planned collaboration with CMPCRD was deliberated. Meetings with Mr. Bam focused on several overarching aspects of PSODs work. The importance of the continued efficient functioning of the PSSG during 2018 was confirmed. The PSSG has an increasingly important role noting the Police Officer shortfall within AU PSOD. The 1st priority for the PSSG during 2018, is the development of the AU Police Rostering platform.

The AU policy on international policing in Peace Support Operations and Special Operations in Africa will be adopted by the upcoming AU GA. Preparation for this will be undertaken by the PSSG. Other discussions focused on the impact of terrorism on PSO and the inclusion of DSD in further developments. Discussions with CPEWD, including the April planned workshop, provide an opportunity to refine the workshop objective and outputs.


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