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Internal Consultation with Peace and Security Department on AU Peace Support Operations Doctrine and Revision of ASF Concept
21 Sep 2017

The AU Peace Support Operations division organised an internal consultation meeting with the AU peace and security department on the development of the AU PSO Doctrine and development of the ASF concept. The aim of the meeting was for the PSOD to brief PSD on the main rationales, objectives and envisaged process for the development of the doctrine. The meeting also sought to illicit key recommendations from divisions within PSD, including Conflict Management Post-Conflict Development and Reconstruction (CMPCRD), Conflict Prevention and Early Warning Division (CPEWD), Defense and Security Division (DSD) and the Peace and Security Council Secretariat.

The meeting, directly supported by the TfP partners, provided an opportunity to reflect and provide inputs to the AUC regarding the development of the doctrine. It was an opportunity for the AU to share views and opportunities for the process, as well as identifying concerns and interests from the AU Commission regarding the process. TfP will continue providing technical and financial support to the process, through a nimble and responsive approach.

NUPI’s Cedric de Coning, as lead author of the AU PSO Doctrine presented ideas for the content of the doctrine and ASF Concept during the Internal Consultative meeting with the Peace and Security Department on the Development of the AU PSO Doctrine and Revision of the ASF Concept. Following this meeting, the TfP Partners and IPSS, as key strategic partners in this process, had an internal working-level session with the Policy Development Unit of PSOD who will be responsible for coordinating the development of the doctrine. During the work session, partners together with PDU discussed the workplan for the doctrine, as well as timelines, and the composition of the teams who would be involved.


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