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Evaluation of the TfP programme.
16 Sep 2014
07 CMI Evaluation   The TfP programme has been under external evaluation during the last two years, and the final report of the review will be made public by NORAD’s evaluation department ultimo October. The evaluation team has been headed by the Chr. Michelsen Institute in Bergen, Norway in cooperation with ITAD Ltd (UK). The evaluation report is called “Building Blocks for peace”, and intends to assess the impact of the programme, especially its training components and contributions by the other elements such as research, rostering, and policy development. The evaluation team has visited all the TfP partners in addition to making extensive interviews with the UN and the AU and other stakeholders and those who benefit from the programme. The report will be presented and discussed at a meeting, which is open for the general public, at NORAD’s Evaluation Department in Oslo on Thursday 13 November. The report will be an important basis for the further discussions and the ultimate decision by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the future of the programme.

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