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Contributing to better peacebuilding planning capacity in Africa
28 Apr 2016
With the aim at supporting African peacebuilding practitioners and institutions to better plan, design and implement effective peacebuilding responses and initiatives in the continent, ISS/TfP and the ISS’ African Centre for Peace Support Training (ACPST) are in the process of completing a new capacity building curriculum. On 8-12 February and 13-16 April 2016, two workshops were organised, gearing ISS/TfP towards completion of the process. The curriculum is being developed to ensure that peacebuilding practitioners and institutions have the foundational knowledge and skills to more effectively respond to and plan for complex peacebuilding environments. The process is based on the idea of supporting institutions in developing innovative and effective responses to peacebuilding challenges that will be based on a continuous engagement. EVENT STORY 1 The workshops led to the development of a curriculum outline that can be used to for the development of a curriculum in the process of addressing the structural and systematic threats to peace. Based on the five outcomes that were identified in a workshop in November 2015, the current outline ensures that the curriculum will be innovative. The process also allowed ISS/TfP and ACPST to design a pilot programme that will be implemented in Zimbabwe in September 2016, and is in line with the need for ensuring ownership of actions in the continent. Also, it is being tested in line with the need to develop tools that can assist organisations like the African Union (AU) in furthering its capacity to plan and implement responses. The curriculum is being discussed with individuals at the AU commission and once it is ready will be presented as a potential adaptable tool to suit their needs.

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