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ISS and POD support the AU-UN Police Mid-Level Management (MLM) Course for Peace Operations for the East Africa Standby Force (EASF)
29 Jun 2015
01 MLM OPENING CEREMONY The East African Standby Force (EASF) delivered a training course using specifically collaboratively designed course materials by ISS/TfP and Norwegian National Police Directorate (POD).  This course aimed to enhance the Police officers’ fundamental knowledge, skills, and personal qualities.  This will assist them to perform their daily operational and administrative duties as managers in a manner that supports the effective and efficient implementation of peace operations.  The training was held at the International Peace Support Training Centre (IPSTC) in Nairobi, Kenya from 8-19 June 2015. 02 MLM PRACTICAL EXERCISE The Director of IPSTC and the Head of Administration of EASF both remarked that such a course would fill an educational gap that had been identified in the mission preparations. The course enhanced the fundamental knowledge, skills, and qualities to perform the participants daily operational and administrative duties as managers in a manner that supports the effective and efficient implementation of peace operations and United Nations/African Union/EASF Police mandate, considering the strategic policing and regulatory frameworks, and realities of the operational environment. During the two weeks they were introduced to several topics, divided into 10 different modules, namely, understanding the concept of Peace Operations and Conflict Resolution Mechanisms; qualities and managerial tasks of Police Mid-Level Managers; understanding community and partners; police operational planning and implementation; crime prevention operations; community policing; protection of civilian; prevention and response to sexual gender based violence; protection of vulnerable peoples; and building police capacity and Evaluation. The facilitator’s team leader Superintendent Anne Nyangati Muli from Kenya had four international trainers to support her, two from Denmark, one from Norway and one from Uganda.  During the training different pedagogic tools were used to challenge the participants throughout the course, in order to prepare them for the managerial task they could meet in a peace operation.  Following the training the participants were evaluated using a combination of self-assessment, peer evaluation and facilitator feedback. They were also given the opportunity to evaluate the training content, relevance and overall delivery by handing in an online questionnaire within two weeks from the last day of the completion of the Mid-Level Management course.   Read more: Annex A_ EASF Police Mid-Level Managers' Course Design V2[2] Annex B_ EASF Police Mid-Level Managers' Course Agenda v2

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