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AU Police Planning meeting for ECOWAS and EASFSEC with GIZ, AU PSOD and ISS/TfP
15 Feb 2017

The GIZ initiated annual strategic meeting with the AU is part of the GIZ AU Police Project. This has over the last three years created an outstanding platform for all partners involved to meet with the AU Police to agree upon the joint planning objectives to enhance the AU Police capacity at headquarter and regional levels. The ISS/TfP collaboration with GIZ and the AU Police enhanced the resources available to achieve the strategic planning objectives of the AU Police. The joint effort by the partners involved is enhanced through the work of the Police Strategic Support Group (PSSG) workshops.

The agreed upon strategic plan guided the ISS’ inputs on policing matters included in the TfP 2017 Work Plan 2017, that was presented to AU counterparts on 6 March. Police Commissioner Crowd Chirenje expressed his satisfaction with the AU Police related activities, outputs and results that are included in the TfP 2017 Work Plan.

The current GIZ Police Advisor, Oliver Jenser has been reassigned and will be missed. ISS wants to thank GIZ, and in particular Oliver, for the outstanding collaboration with the ISS/TfP over the last four years. His successor, Bruno Hedermann, also attended the workshop. The opportunity to meet Bruno was important to continue the sound collaboration between GIZ the AU Police and ISS. As soon as Mr Hedermann settles in Addis Ababa, ISS will arrange to meet him to ensure the same good understanding between GIZ and ISS continues.


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