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ACCORD/TFP take part in 20th IAPTC annual conference and host training methodologies bilateral meeting
30 Jul 2014

As a member of IAPTC, the Training for Peace in Africa Programme at ACCORD (TfP/ACCORD) have participated at this year's IAPTC Annual Conference to further strengthen and broaden the understanding of the African peace operations issues as well as the civilian dimension of peace operations within the international peacekeeping training community.

The IAPTC promotes better understanding of peacekeeping (military, civilian, and police components), its goals and objectives, and of the methods used in training for peace operations of all types. Each year, IAPTC organises an Annual Conference and this year the 20th IAPTC Annual Conference was held from 22-26 June 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Conference was hosted by the Indonesian National Defence Forces Peacekeeping Centre (INDF PKC). The theme of the conference was, Toward a Global Training Architecture.

The conference provided a unique forum for ACCORD/TfP and other actors working in the field of peacekeeping education, training and operations to discuss the issues relevant to peacekeeping and make recommendations on developing an effective training architecture to support multidimensional peace support operations. The conference also discussed the rationale for a global architecture further analysing the challenges encountered during pre-deployment and In-Mission training, impact assessment of training and harmonization of training.

During the conference, ACCORD/TfP organised a joint TfP session which was a platform for the TfP partners and training institutions to discuss the TfP training methodologies and the development of training courses. The aim of the session was to discuss pre-and-post training needs assessment/evaluation approaches used by partners; discuss and assess the different training development approaches; share experiences on the partners' training methodologies; and make recommendations on harmonization of TfP training methodologies.

By participating in the Conference, ACCORD/TfP was able to liaise with relevant stakeholders on issues relating to the civilian component of peace support operations, as well as promote and enhance the visibility of the programme. ACCORD/TfP shared some of the Programme's experience in the field, highlighted the significance of the peacekeeping-peacebuilding nexus, and explored possibilities for collaboration, cooperation and coordination with other relevant partners. ACCORD/TfP will serve as the Civilian Chair of the 2015 IAPTC Executive Committee.

The Training for Peace in Africa Programme at ACCORD is an initiative funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For more information, please contact Ms. Irene Limo, Peacekeeping Unit Senior Programme Officer on or Ms. Barbara Mohale, Peacekeeping Unit Programme Officer on


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