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ACCORD trains South African National Defence Force officers in negotiation and mediation
19 Oct 2011

The Training for Peace Programme (TfP) at ACCORD has conducted a five-day conflict management course for the South Africa National Defence Force (SANDF) Peace Mission Training Centre (PMTC). The training course was aimed at transferring additional skills and knowledge to SANDF officers, and contributes to the SANDF PMTC's endeavours to build peacekeeping capacity for South Africa's contribution to peace operations on the continent.

The course was conducted from 26-30 September 2011 at the PMTC in Pretoria, South Africa, for 44 officers ranging from Majors to Colonels. Mr. Jerome Sachane (ACCORD's Deputy Director), Mr. Zinurine Alghali (ACCORD's Peacekeeping Unit Senior Programme Officer), and Ms Plamielle Kenmoe (ACCORD's Training Unit intern) facilitated the training. The training course equipped the officers with conflict management skills and negotiation, mediation and facilitation tools that they will utilise in their work, particularly when participating in United Nations (UN) and African Union (AU) peace operations.

The training course assisted the officers in developing a firm understanding of conflict dynamics, and developed their existing conflict management skills and methods. It further helped them to understand how and when they can most appropriately utilise these skills and tools for the mitigation of potential conflicts.

This training is part of TfP/ACCORD's effort to further increase awareness and support for the civilian dimension of peacekeeping among key stakeholders within member states, Regional Economic Communities (RECs), Regional Mechanisms (RMs) and the AU. It further contributes to the development of multi-dimensional capacities and capabilities of South Africa, and Africa as a whole, for peace operations on the continent.

For more information, please contact Zinurine Alghali, Senior Programme Officer of ACCORD's Peacekeeping Unit on


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