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ACCORD supports AU's 'Conduct and Discipline Guidelines' development process
10 Nov 2011

The Training for Peace Programme (TfP) at ACCORD has facilitated the presentation of the 'Draft AU Conduct and Discipline Concept', which was developed in 2008 by TfP/ACCORD and revised at an AU Internal Seminar in October 2011, to reflect the current realities of the AU and recent developments on the subject matter. The presentation gave an overview of conduct and discipline in general, including the salient aspects, the importance, the impact of misconduct on the local community and the peacekeeping operation and shared the key elements of the AU Draft Concept for the AU.

The seminar was conducted on 14 October 2011 at the AU Commission in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and was attended by key representatives from the various units and departments at the AU Commission. The rational for the development of a concept that is expected to be adopted as the AU 'Guidelines on Conduct and Discipline' is to manage the conduct of AU Commission and field mission personnel, and to prevent improper conduct, which remains a significant threat to the credibility of peacekeeping operations.

On confirmation from the AU Commission, the TfP Programme intend facilitating a consultation workshop with representatives from the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) / and Regional Mechanisms (RMs) for validation of the concept at the sub-regional level during the second half of 2012. Subsequently, the programme anticipates the adoption of the concept by the AU as 'Conduct and Discipline Guidelines' that will help strengthen accountability and uphold the highest standards and conduct of AU Commission and field mission personnel.

For more information, please contact Zinurine Alghali, Coordinator of ACCORD's Peacekeeping Unit on


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