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ACCORD attends the Strategic Reflection Session on Regional Trends in Peace and Security and Good Governance
10 Apr 2017

The GIZ Programme Manager gave an overview of the agenda of the workshop whose theme was a “Reflection on Peace and Security and Good Governance Programme over the past ten to fifteen years reflecting on the achievements and challenges. She noted that there had been a positive and significant change when comparing the past and the present of the peace and security landscape in that democracy and good governance had been embraced though in varying degrees by different governments. Whilst this was appreciated, there was still a lot of work to be done to improve the evolutionary process of governance.

This was a workshop bringing together not strategic level officials but the operational practitioners for them to share experiences, concerns and observations in order to deduce trends or narratives that would help ascertain how to manage or respond or determine possible actions or policies that would inform decision making or response options. GIZ coordinates a Peace, Security and Good Governance (PSGG) Programme that is confronted by the challenge of having to continually chase move targets because this theatre is dynamic and fluid. Participants were asked to ascertain in their various Peace and Security programmes whether their annual pursuits were justifiable and that the readership appreciated the products they were receiving. Participants were alerted to the need for collaboration cooperation and consultation because there were no correct answers in peace and security endeavours.

The discussions reflected on past achievements, successes and challenges and made efforts to link contemporary trends to the anticipated change while making some recommendations to accommodate emerging trends.


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