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Evaluation of the Training for Peace (TfP) Programme 2016-2019
Year: 2018
Publisher: TfP
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The current phase of the programme ends in April 2019. The Partners have therefore decided to commission an evaluation of the 5th phase of the TfP programme. The goal is to take stock of the performance of the programme to date, and to generate recommendations for adaptations in the remaining period, as well as suggestions for how the programme can be further improved if it were to continue beyond the current phase.

The TfP commissioned evaluation is to provide the Partners with an independent assessment into the extent to which the activities undertaken have been in line with the agreed upon goals, objectives and results framework, and the extent to which the outcomes have contributed to overall impact. The external evaluation will provide an unbiased stance on the relevance of the TfP support to the AUC, limitations of the interventions and propose recommendations on ways to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the support.