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20 years of African Women’s Participation in Women Peace and Security: Civil Society Perspectives
Organised by: Institute for Security Studies
Venue: Zoom
Virtual Event
Start date: 23 Oct 2020
Start time: 10:00
End date: 23 Oct 2020
End time: 11:00

20 years of African women’s participation in women peace and security: civil society perspectives.

This online continental dialogue seeks to articulate 20 years of experiences of African women peace builders in implementing the WPS agenda; to hear their voices and perspectives on progress and challenges; and to chart new pathways for women’s peace and security.


1. Celebrate 20 years of peace activism, networking and solidarity 2. Reflect on the implementation of the women’s peace and

security agenda
3. Chart new pathways for implementing the agenda
4. [Re] Build, strenghthen and renew women’s collective and

collaborative peace activism
5. Document and implementation of all the WPS agenda in Africa

by women’s organisations

1. Prevention and protection
2. Mediatioon
3. Peace keeping
4. Post-conflict reconstruction and peace building

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