PSSG Technical workshop on the Development of the AU Police Roster System

June 27, 2018 / ISS

ISS/TfP organised and facilitated the technical workshop on the Development of the AU Police Strategic Support Group (PSSG) Roster System 1/2018 from 25-27 June 2018 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in support of AUC. The PSSG workshop deliberated the development of the AU Police Roster system. The workshop was based on four draft AU Police Policy Frameworks developed during 2017:

  1. SOP for Rostering AU Police Officers;
  2. Administrative Guidelines on Vacancy and Succession Management of PPS in AU Peace Support Operations and Special Operations;
  3. SOP for Pre-Deployment Selection and Assessment of IPOs, and
  4. The SOP for Pre-Deployment Selection and Assessment of FPU.

The workshop mapped the future roster system for different categories of the AU Police that will mainly include the Professional Police Staff (PPS), Individual Police Officers (IPOs) and Formed Police Unit (FPU). Developing an E-Rostering system for all the categories of pledged police standby capabilities under the African Standby Force (ASF) arrangement is the 2018 priority of the AU. The E-Roster will assist in facilitating rapid deployment of police capabilities to conflict situations to protect civilians and ensure the restoration of public safety and the rule of law within the framework of the ASF. PSSG members from the EASF, SADC, Sierra Leone, AMISOM, UNOAU, GiZ, and AU participated in the AU Police Roster development workshop.