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UNSC Resolution 2185 resolves to make Policing an essential part of Peacekeeping mandates
12 Dec 2014
01_UN Resolution 2185
United Nations Security Council unanimously adopt Resolution 2185
Source: “It is appropriate that the Council consider, in a holistic way, the increasingly important role the United Nations’ work on policing plays in the restoration and maintenance of international peace and security,” - Ms. Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister of Australia, Council President for November. On 20 November 2014 the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2185. This historic resolution, the first dedicated solely to Policing in Peacekeeping missions resolved “to make policing an integral part of the mandates of UN peacekeeping operations and special political missions”. UN Resolution 2185 also stresses “the invaluable contribution made by UN police (UNPOL) and offers strategic-level support and guidance to the UN Police Division and field missions. Charles Hunt remarked that the Resolution recognises “that UNPOL components are mission-critical in implementing mandates”. This is particularly important considering that the numbers of UNPOLs deployed have increased, and will likely further increase in future and work in ever more complex mission mandates. Another significant contribution of Resolution 2185 is the stress on increasing the number of women in peacekeeping missions. The Resolution especially noted and encouraged “the increased participation of female police in UN peacekeeping operations and special political missions, thereby contributing to the effectiveness of relevant mandate implementation, including by providing diverse perspectives which can assist in building trust with local communities; improving the protection of women and children from violence and abuse; and facilitating gender-sensitive police approaches and mentoring”. The SC Resolution comes at a critical time for TfP partners involved in Policing efforts. Partners will take the Resolution into consideration for their 2015 Work Plans as well as strategic planning for a next TfP phase or new program. The Resolution also highlights the direction that TfP has taken with strategic policing matters such as ISS/TfP’s participation in the UN DPKO Strategic Guidance Framework (SGF) on Police Command and within the AU through supporting the AU PSOD through the Police Strategic Support Group (PSSG). The TfP partnership has also increased the focus on in-mission training; the work of the TfP research network in 2014; the importance of female participation in Peace Support Operations in Africa; the role of police in peacebuilding; increasing cooperation with AU PSOD and APSTA on police training issues, and the enhanced focus of monitoring and evaluation and outcomes as part of TfP policing activities.   Read more: UNSC Resolution 2185

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