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TfP/ACCORD contributes to consultation on UN Report of the Independent Review of Civilian Capacity in the Aftermath of Conflict
27 Jun 2011

Peacekeeping analyst Gustavo de Carvalho represented TfP/ACCORD in a panel discussion on "Reflection from the Training Community" at the Training & Rostering Community Consultation on the United Nations (UN) Report of the Independent Review of Civilian Capacity in the Aftermath of Conflict. The Consultation was aimed at providing a forum for the civilian training and rostering community to consider and comment on the above-mentioned UN report, and to agree on steps to implement aspects of the report that may address training and rostering related issues.

The Consultation was conducted on 14 June 2011 in New York, USA with the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs (NUPI) serving as the lead facilitator, among global Training and Rostering Institutions. It was attended by representations from the training community, permanent missions to the UN, UN Secretariat and agencies, funds and programmes that are engaged in processes and initiatives aimed at assisting countries emerging from conflict to manage post-conflict transitions.

TfP/ACCORD's experience and expertise on civilian training and rostering aspects in Africa was shared with recommendations that will contribute to the implementation of the recommendations of the above-mentioned UN Report. Further to the Training & Rostering Community Consultation, TfP/ACCORD participated in a forum between the Training and Rostering Community and the UN Integrated Training Services (ITS) and the Department of Field Support (DFS) on issues of training and rostering. The consultation and discussion with ITS and DFS provided the training and rostering community an opportunity to engage meaningfully with these two departments responsible for training and recruitment through the sharing of perspectives on the civilian capacity agenda and process. TfP/ACCORD also conducted parallel meetings with partners within the UN system and beyond to strengthen its links with the UN Headquarters strategic focus and priorities.

TfP/ACCORD awaits the follow-on UN Secretary General report to the General Assembly and the Security Council (later this year) that will indicate which recommendations he intends to implement, and the process thereof; and plan to contribute to its implementation to ensure international support to countries emerging from conflict focuses on strengthening local capacities and empowering local institutions to prevent a relapse into conflict, and to sustain their own peace processes.


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