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ISS/TfP organises a Gender, Sexual Gender based Violence (SGBV) and Child Protection Training for UNMISS Police Advisors
24 Mar 2015
ISS/TfP conducted a five day curriculum development training course aimed to address the gaps related to Gender, Sexual and Gender based Violence (SGBV) and Child Protection Training for UNMISS Police Advisors. The training aimed to design and develop mandates related to in-mission specific training that will enhance the capacity of the UN Police (UNPOL) advisors to be more effective and efficient in order to implement their mandate.  The training needs assessment process included meetings with UNMISS and external  women and children protection actors.  Furthermore, discussions with all UNMISS protection actors was followed by an inclusive and consultative workshop, orgnised at in Juba, South Sudan, where eleven non-UNMISS protection actors including UNICEF, UNFPA, UN Women, Oxfam, UNDP, and South Sudan government, Ministry of Gender representatives participated. These discussions enhanced the assessment and led to an effective framework and guidance in terms of curriculum design and the developmentof the Gender, Children and Vulnerable Persons Protection (GCVPP) training for the UNPOL advisors in the protection of civilians environment in South Sudan. 04_ISS, Gender, SGBV, CPT for UNMISS Police Advisors Some of the concerns addressed during the assessment was the challenge of the continuity or possible change of the UNMISS mandate after 31 May 2015, which is dependent on the ongoing peace process.  The lack of existing mission specific training material impedes on the ability of the mission to develop the insight, knowledge, skills and abilities of the UNPOL advisors in support of the mission’s  protection mandate. Based on the existing capacity gaps in the UNPOL advisors, the mission requested ISS/TfP to include training topics such as managing expectations, ethical consideration, information gathering, analyzing and sharing, and the UNMISS legal framework. In addition, the UNMISS Police Commissioner requested the inclusion of a wide range of protection issues in the training package.

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