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ISS/TfP leads the Police Strategic Support Group (PSSG) Task Team 1 Planning Meeting: Statute and Policy for AU Police
25 Jun 2015
Since the inaugural conference of the Police Strategic Support Group (PPSG) in October 2014, the ISS/TfP has taken the lead in ensuring that the policy development process is guided with professional advice to achieve the timely approval of the Statute and Policy for the African Union Police (AUPOL). The ISS/TfP leadership during this process is the foundation for providing African police officers with the necessary skillsets to be effective in the execution of their mandated roles and responsibilities. 01 PSSG Meeting photo (E-NEWSLETTER )[1] In order to facilitate drafting the Statute and Policy, Task Teams were identified to develop the various core documents for the PSSG. The meeting held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 16-18 June 2015 was the second and last meeting on the AU Police Statute and Policy. The primary objective of this meeting was to finalise the AUPOL Statute and Policy, which is to be submitted for endorsement by the AU Office of the Legal Counsel (OLC), the Chiefs of Police, the Executive Council and finally be approved by the Assembly. The Task Team leading the development of the Statute and Policy, together with other PSSG technical policing experts, is headed by African Union – United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) Police Commissioner, Hester Paneras. Twenty-one representatives from the Regional Economic Communities (RECs); Police Contributing Countries (PCCs); the European Union (EU); the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ); and the United Nations (UN), form part of the Task Team chaired by the AU Police Advisor, African Commissioner of Police (ACP), Mr Crowd Chirenje. ISS/TfP was represented by the PSSG Project Coordinator, ISS Senior Consultant Dr. Ann Livingstone, Annette Leijenaar, and Meressa Kahsu. Police Commissioner Bjorn Hareide, Senior Norwegian Advisor to EASF Secretariat, Finn Tor Petterson, as well as the Danish Senior Police Advisor to EASF Secretariat, Palle Redder, represented POD, in its regular and on-going collaboration with ISS/TfP. Throughout the meeting, extensive consultation amongst participants led to the finalisation of the content of both the Statute and the Policy. The commitment, enthusiasm and buy-in ensured that all participants were satisfied with the final content of both documents. The notable achievement of this meeting was not only the finalisation of the content in a collaborative process, but also the buy-in as a team to develop the best product. The initial impact is the enhanced visibility and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of police in PSOs. The medium-term impact has been demonstrated in the recognition and integration of the AU Police within the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) framework. The long term impact links with the AU’s 2063 Agenda ‘The Africa We Want’ as it is directly supported through the PSSG’s ultimate objective which is the enhanced peace, rule of law, safety and security for the development of Africa. The Annual PSSG meeting is tentatively scheduled for November 2015 and will aim to bring Chiefs of Police to enhance their engagement with the AUPOL, as was originally identified in the 2012 TfP Police Evaluation that recommended the requirement for African police to have a balanced representation during AU peace, safety and security decision making processes.    

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