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ISS/TfP Field visit to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) for Gender Course
16 Dec 2014
UNMISS is protecting more than 100,000 civilians on its bases throughout the country, according to recent data. As these numbers are likely to continue to rise, UNMISS will need to prepare itself to further protect the people within its bases. This protection includes preventing and responding to sexual and gender-based violence against women and girls, and ensuring the specific protection of children. The prevention and response to sexual and gender-based violence is of particular importance given recent reports of gross violations of human rights, including rape, gang rape, forced abortion and sexual harassment. During a visit to the country in October 2014, the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Zainab Hawa Bangura, said that “if allowed to continue, these rapes will haunt South Sudan for generations to come,” and will “undermine the peace that South Sudan has fought for. During August 2014, ISS/TfP with UNMISS/UNPOL Internal Evaluation Unit (IEU) conducted a best practice assessment within the United Nations Police (UNPOL) component throughout the mission. It was observed during the assessment that the burden of the protection of civilians (PoC) mandate was heavily laid on the UNPOL component. The UNPOL officers were serving 24/7 as interface between the civilians in the PoC Sites and the UNMISS and other actors in implementing the protection mandate. Most of the IDPs in the PoC Sites were females and children who need a special approach of protection. Enhancing the capability of UNPOL officers to effectively deal with females and children in civilian protection environment is vital. In this context, ISS/TfP plans to interact with UNMISS and other actors in the civilian protection environment through a consultative workshop with the following objectives:
  • Consult with UNPOL to discuss ISS support for the development of a one-week Gender in Civilian Protection Environment training for UNPOL Advisors. The objective of the training would be to enhance the capacity of UNPOL Advisors to address gender issues and SGBV as part of the protection of civilians mandate in IDP camps; and
  • In collaboration with UNPOL, consult with key actors working in IDP camps to get their insights on the one-week Gender in Civilian Protection Environment training.
Following the preliminary assessment and consultative workshop, ISS/TfP, in collaboration with UNMISS UNPOL will:
  • Develop a one-week Gender in POC Environment training to UNPOL Advisors working in PoC Sites;
  • Develop a one-week training of trainers (ToT) course on Gender in PoC Environment to UNMISS UNPOL Trainers;
  • Deliver both the Gender in PoC Environment training and the ToT; and
  • Support UNPOL Trainers while conducting training to other fellow UNPOL officers in the field

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