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ISS/TfP delivers Pre-deployment training for AMISOM Police
11 Dec 2015
AMISOM PDT From 30 November to 11 December 2015 the ISS/TfP program will deliver a pre-deployment training course for 18 Kenyan Individual Police Officers (IPOs) deploying to AMISOM in mid-December 2016. The training will be conducted at the Humanitarian Peace Support School (HPSS), Nairobi, Kenya. The purpose of this course is to deliver quality and mission specific pre-deployment training for AMISOM Police, focusing on IPOs to enable them acquire knowledge and skills to support the effective and efficient implementation of AMISOM police mandate in peace support operations in Somalia, deepen their knowledge and understanding of the AU and UN, approaches and principles in peace support operations and deepen knowledge and understanding of the AU/UN police duties and responsibilities in PSOs. This course will specifically focus on modules such as Introduction to UN and AU peace support operations; fundamental principles of UN peacekeeping; history and the Constitutive Act of the AU; AU: Evolution and trends in Peace Support Operations (PSC, ASF, RDF, ACRIC); history and conflict profile of Somalia since 1991; Somalia Police Force (SPF): legislation, functions and distribution; evolution of AU/UN Police in peace support operations; core business of AU/UN Police; AMISOM mandate, structure and operational capabilities; AMISOM Police; roles, functions, achievements and challenges; women peace and security; conflict and human rights protection; protection of children in conflict; cultural awareness: Somalia’s culture, religion and tradition; working with partners in peace support operations; support community based policing initiatives in Somalia; roles of police in protection of civilians; prevention and response to SGBV; conduct and discipline; stress management; negotiation, mediation and use of language assistants; reform, restructuring and rebuilding of SPF; mentoring and advising of SPF; supporting training to SPF; report writing; land navigation; road safety; safety and security: health precautions/HIV-AIDS; monitoring and evaluation of results. ISS/TfP plans to conduct another pre-deployment course for AMISOM in early February 2016.

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