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ISS/TfP contributes to process that aims at increasing interaction between African and Spanish Think Tanks
11 Dec 2015
Think-tanks Spain 3 From 5-6 November, ISS/TfP participated at the 1st Think Tank Meeting between Africa and Spain, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. The meeting was organised by the Spanish government institution Casa Africa, and brought together a group of think tanks from Africa and Spain with the objective of consolidating relations between African and Spanish think tanks, and promoting the work of African think tanks in Spain. The meeting was a good opportunity to further engage with think tanks in Africa and Spain working on peacebuilding issues, as the topic had an important role during the event. By sharing opportunities and experiences between African and Spanish think-tanks, the meeting focused on issues regarding relationship between think tanks, identifying common issues and challenges, opportunities in research and advocacy and perspectives on mobilisation of resources Think tanks Spain 1 It allowed ISS/TfP, particularly, to showcase some of its peacebuilding work, through the presentation of perspectives around the relationship between external and internal actors in peacebuilding in Africa. ISS/TfP focusing in sharing lessons from external actors engagements in Africa, and how this could assist Spanish roles in supporting peacebuilding processes. In particular, emphasis was given on issues related to ownership and inclusivity, two important topics in designing peacebuilding responses. This type of engagement show the interest and space for increasing interaction between African peacebuilding processes with new audiences. And by doing that, enabling and fostering the way in which peacebuilding processes are planned and implemented.

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